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Divya is a time tested and professional coach with such an immense skills set. Her ability to mentor is undoubted and getting coached by Divya is such a rare opportunity that nobody should ever miss. The testimonies from those she has ever coached speak volumes about her. She is a lady of character and demonstrates a great sense of humor. I highly commend Divya for the passion she has in coaching and most importantly working to ensure that her mentees succeed in life regardless of their background and situations. Divya in my assessment is top notch in emotional intelligence, effective communicator and mentor. She will always remain in the good books of history for creating a positive impact in the lives of those that have got the opportunity to be coached by her.

-Godfrey, Kampala

I wish I could have  coaching lessons again! They have been useful in my business progress so far!

-Geoffrey Angudubo, Kampala

I would like to say Thank you Divya once again for your time recently. Coaching with you helped me to take more focused steps towards my job search. I recently got an offer and started this month

-Brenda, Kampala

My journey with Divya as my coach over the last six session has been one of self realisation.

I commenced coaching at a time when I wanted direction to help me identify my inner desires - what makes me happy and unhappy. With our busy lives, we get so caught up in our day to day chores that we do not have the time to stop and reflect on questions to which we have answers within us. Coaching has helped me channelise my energy to look for these answers. I have been able to get smarter at identifying my aspirations (that I would at times suppress). I am also smarter at identifying my goals and planning for contingencies.

Having identified my aspirations, set smarter goals and reflected on myself as a person, I am now much more at peace with myself. I think this has been the most important impact of this journey.

-Ankur, Bangalore

Working with Divya has helped me a lot to have my clear ideas. When I started the sessions I had many ideas in my mind. With every session I started designing my own plan of action of every idea I had. It seemed easy and feasible to implement them. It seems that I am finally able to give birth to my ideas and see them materialize.

The sessions gave me a push to think creatively and quickly become focused. Now I’m ready to move to another place, anywhere and bring my portfolio plan of action where it is. Now I’ll copy Divya and try to find answers to what, how / when / where I have to do. It seems as if the magic happened. I realized that if I have an action plan, I can do whatever I want. This has given me a lot of clarity and confidence. Y

-RoseMary, Kampala

To begin with, I was completely unaware of performance coaching but once I got to know about it, I knew I had to try it.

I had a completely different notion of coaching although I was given a brief introduction by Divya of what was in store for me.

Once the sessions began, I realized what I could do. There were so many things within me that came out during the sessions with Divya and her questions kept me thinking all the time.

My sessions with Divya were very enlightening and I now know what I'm looking forward to at work.
A big THANK YOU to Divya.

-Nupur, Chennai

I did my coaching with Divya Chandra and when first approached for this opportunity I was like, okay, I have heard about coaching before and I was made aware of possible benefits. What I didn't know was, I was going to start doing a whole lot of things differently going forward.

Divya helped me unlock some potential in me that I was unaware of precisely mostly because of how I did most of my things. Strategic approaches to achieving my goals, better understanding my personality and using it. My days have been brighter, sharper and focused.

Benefits of my coaching have already been realised and instead of the using the longest routes to achieving something, use the straight and most direct line when you see it. Look at your own goals and approaches to your goals from the otherside of the table as well.

I had very good coaching sessions with Divya and actually enjoyed them as she made me think. I would recommend anyone.

-Isaac, Kampala

The sessions have really helped me and seeing my progress of giving interviews and securing an internship in such a short span of time.

-Pushti, London

I found the coaching sessions with Divya enlightening, and motivational. They helped me find focus and meaning to finding a path in achieveing my goals.

I was skeptical about taking on any coaching as I believed I didn’t need it and I had the right focus, but the coaching helped me towards working through my confidence issues.

I have become that much more clear and focused as to how I need to be and maintain the confidence I have gained. Believeing in myself more has been a great factor and realising that I was only holding myself back with my limiting beliefs.

-Navneet, London

When I met my coach Ms. Divya Chandra, I mentioned to her that I wanted to be physically and emotionally secure and free. I added that I was experiencing so much confusion and noise in and around me and that I needed guidance in finding my path to wholeness and to actually walk this path with clarity, joy and peace. I added that because of this confusion, I was having a great deal of physical and emotional discomfort and was desperate to find peace and to take charge of my own happiness and fitness.

My coaching sessions with Divya were exciting, enriching and edifying. The questions asked really got me thinking deeply about who I am and what I want from life. I now have more clarity as I got to look closely at myself, at where I want to be in life and to devise steps I needed to take to realise my dreams. I was guided in conscious and fear-free decision making. I feel more in control of my physical and emotional wellness and this is very liberating.

I am a much aware and happier me and certainly on the path to being more physically fit. My close friends have sensed this. I am growing in my new found happiness each day and I am definitely equipped to soar.

-Irene, Kampala